vera kaeser

Vera Kaeser is a Swiss Designer based in Berne, Switzerland. She is currently studying Computer Science. For further inquiries say

BA Computer Science, FHNW
MA Service Design, HSLU
BA Visual Communication, ZHdK
Exchange Tongji University, Shanghai
UI/UX Design  
medignition AG
in collaboration with Aurelia Peter
UI/UX Design
medignition AG
in collaboration with Dominik Junker
MA Thesis
Bloom App
BA Thesis
Plakat 9:16:10s in collaboration with Pascal Hartmann, Sebastian Bayer, Andreas Hänggi
Book Design
Unbehagen im Raum
Book Design
1984 from George Orwell
Book Design & Photography
Dort, wo andere Ferien machen
Book Design
Iternol 86 Dragees
Pattern Design
for Tempo Mobile,  Industrial Design: Lukas Streit
Visual Identity
Langnau Jazz Nights
Various Photographs from China
Fujian 福建省, Sichuan 四川, Shanghai 上海